The Mother Who Loved Halloween

A dark, evil force will consume them all.

Near midnight on Halloween, Officer Jim Warner knocks on Alicia Martin's door to inform her that her son is dead. The officer convinces Alicia to come to the station the following morning. When she arrives, the man who she is told is Officer Warner is not the same man who came to her door the night before.

And no one at the station has heard of her son being killed.

Jack Fuller is a determined detective who is tasked with uncovering the truth about what happened to Alicia's son - Josh Martin. To solve the mystery, Fuller begins down a self-destructive path of obsession. He is not sure if his desperate choices will free his mind from the evil that has consumed it and lead him back to stability.

Houston West is a lonely underachiever who suffers a break from reality, during which he makes a life-altering mistake. Houston knows he is not at fault for what he has done, yet cannot explain his actions to anyone. He attempts to flee out of self-preservation, but soon learns he cannot outrun his past. 

Can Alicia move beyond losing Josh and care for her remaining children? Can Detective Fuller unravel the mystery surrounding Josh Martin’s disappearance? Can Houston escape the consequences of his mistake?
To do so, all three must face their inner fears, and attempt to overcome having their dreams and realities twisted by a mysterious force – a dark, evil force that will consume them all.


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